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Breathe easy! A great problem has been solved!

A producer of widely known sandwich cookies 'Oreo' at last found the solution to the greatest universal problem: how to separate the cookies from creme. No more worries! A machine was invented that will do the hard work for you. Have a look! This video gathered more then 2 million views for some wee... (read more)


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Help the girl get rid of the peels!

Nowadays no one can be surprised by advertising billboards with twinkling changing pictures or captivating videos reels. The company advertising a hydrating cream made a step out of the crowd by showing a great deal of creativity in making an usual advertising billboard. There a girl's face is cover... (read more)


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A Million Dollar Homepage

There are lots of tech business ideas that are stillborn from the very beginning. People who fostered them may be hyping them up with unprecedented advertising campaigns, pumping in millions and billions of dollars to no avail. Google+, Ping, Windows Vista: all of them were born dead, and their cr... (read more)