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The New Digg Is a Mess (RANT)

When I first saw the new Dig design, I got totally enthusiastic. It look so fresher and sleeker than that previous poor cr*p that I was literally clapping my hand in anticipation of how majestically it would be to use the new site. And then I realised that the new design is actually nothing but a ... (read more)


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Lots Of Love

The facepalm is one of those gestures that feel appropriate when it comes to politics. When it comes to the British politics, the facepalm start feeling even more appropriate. And when I heard about David Cameron's goof, I really risked breaking my own nose with my hand rapidly approaching my face... (read more)


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19 days since Steve Jobs died.

Steve Jobs

20 days since iPhone 4S was introduced.

iPhone 4S

10 years since iPod was introduced.


25 years since Apple was established.

Apple Inc

400 years of evolution from 'methinks' to 'iPhone'.

Jean Lucques Picard