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Hotel for Gamers

Gamers are often worried about having console with them or at least within their eyesight. It might become a real problem for such kind of people to travel or go on a business trip. A lot of hoteliers try to take care of gamers and organize special lounge rooms supplied with different stuff like... (read more)


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No Dust on Your Piano Anymore...

Piano Dust Buster

One of these days I came across an article that described a new free application by JoyTunes for iPad: Piano Dust Buster. The product is created to help those who dreamed of playing piano to begin learning. The program is interactive and responds to real piano getting data through the iPad micro... (read more)


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A new life for old characters

As I was a little girl, I liked reading adventure books as well as playing adventure platforming games, such as „Ninja Turtles“ or „Duck Stories“. You know, there were a lot of games which we could play on Sega or Nintendo consoles… Maybe, you remember how much fun we had playing „Mario“ or „Tanks“ ... (read more)