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Hackers Have a New Target: Your Eyes

It's well-known that hackers attack our computers and networks every day, but what really terrifies me is that they may start hunting for our eyes. What for? The answer consists in the fact that many passwords for critical systems are gradually being replaced with biometric identifiers like fingerpr... (read more)


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Pwned and Owned

The Pwn2Own competition is one of my most favorite one in the whole tech branch. When you realize that the browser develoeprs pay $60.000 to hackers who manage to hack their safer-than-safety browsers and thus disgrace the former to a certain extent, you start seeing Pwn2Own in a new light.

This year am... (read more)


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All Your Base Are Belong to FBI

As several members of the frenetic LulzSecurity group were arrested several hours ago, the feds made public the information concerning the mastermind behind the notorious hacker mob and, at the same time, the FBI operation aimed at putting the other Web-criminals into slammer.

This high-profile traitor has ... (read more)


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The State Trojan

That's a nice story, I must say.

It turned out that the government of one of the German states has been spying on its citizens' computers. Well, not the computers of all citizens, just of those who 'seemed suspicious' to the officials.

These guys had malicious software implanted onto the machines of the suspects'. The program ... (read more)