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Answer the phone! Your baby is calling!

Every mummy appreciates the Baby Monitor. With it she is able to go about her business while the baby is peacefully sleeping or plays with its toys. The technology develops, and now baby monitor can be 'embedded' into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for you not to carry an extra device. Now you do n... (read more)


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Imagine: a cozy cottage, a carpet with light and shadow dancing on it, warmth from a fireplace, a rocking chair, cup of tea and … iPad, which you do not have to hold in your hands. Do you like the picture?

It is becoming possible soon. Micasa Lab in Zurich are developing a chair, called iRock, that can (prepa... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Why Surface Can Fail

The new tablet by Microsoft has hit the headlines of all major tech media and seems to have sparked a real big hype around the device. The tech journalists have meticulously described all the known features of the new device, the Web is teeming with fotos and hand-ons of the new device. All, in al... (read more)


Blog by Anna  → 

New Mini iPad - What features users would like to see

And now let's pass to what is more exciting… what features users would like to see

1) Retina display

With such a display everything you see and do looks stunning. That’s because the Retina display’s pixel density is so high that your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Which, in its turn, means text... (read more)


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Apple iPad Mini Rumors Round-Up

Despite the fact that Apple's new iPad has only been on sale for quite a short time, Apple plans to launch a smaller “iPad mini” in the third quarter of this year. According to Chinese web portal NetEase, the company is going to launch six million units of the device at a price of either $249 or $... (read more)


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Apple Upside Down

I thought there 's no justice in this world anymore but Ozzies have proved me wrong.

About two weeks ago I published a ranting post about Apple messing us about. A long story short, Apple claimed thejir new iPad is LTE-capable, whereas the 4G networks are available to iPad owners only in the United States and ... (read more)


Blog by Insglas  → 

Fed Up with iPad

'I've just lost the touch with the things,' I though when I read about Jason Kincaid legging it from TechCrunch. Not that I liked his writing style very much, but the guy really did stand out among the humongous horde of IT-journalists that is feeding on the enormous Sylicon Valley profits. The stuff he writes is someti... (read more)


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Apple Pulling Our Leg?

The big tech news of teh last week is the two killer features of the new iPad: a 2048×1536 px retina display and an LTE standard support, allowing for really high data communication speed of up to 72 MBit/s.

Half a year ago the newly presented iPhone 4S had got two killer features as well. These were a... (read more)