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Twitter Created a Music App

The application is, unfortunately, available only for iPhone users via Apple's iTunes App Store and for Google. Although Android users shouldn't feel excluded, as soon the app will be ready for this platform as well.

So, Twitter's new app will help users find music according to artists and bands... (read more)


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Some New Useful Mobile Apps


This application will help you type in an amazingly fast way. So, you'll get a new touchscreen keyboard that knows how words work together, and the app will provide you with the best autocorrect predicting your next word.

Price: $3.99, but you may load a trial version.

Works on Android.


It lets you create multi-angle videos with your fans, followers or f... (read more)


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'Ideas Worth Spreading'

If you want to know 'Why democracy matters', or 'Who controls the world', or 'What is the self-healing asphalt made of', in other words, if you want to be aware of all the innovations developed by human mind, so you are welcome to the one of the 'Ideas' communities that have become more and more p... (read more)


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What do you think about our economy, sonnie?

Tokyo Newspaper found the way to broaden their number of readers by means of! They created a new app for iPhone that allows to change a political discussion into kids'story just by pointing the device at the article in Tokyo Newspaper. Clarifying commentaries by a funny animated character,... (read more)


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Answer the phone! Your baby is calling!

Every mummy appreciates the Baby Monitor. With it she is able to go about her business while the baby is peacefully sleeping or plays with its toys. The technology develops, and now baby monitor can be 'embedded' into your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for you not to carry an extra device. Now you do n... (read more)


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Are you crazy about iPhones? If yes, then iTable is exactly what you are looking for to play music and at the same time to decorate your home with a table made in the iconic iPhone style. These iPhone coffee tables both look great and turn out to be of a special functionality.

As for the prices, they va... (read more)


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iBell won't let you oversleep

If you belong to extremely heavy sleepers and morning wakening is real torture for you, you might love this device; )

iBell is a new product designed for the “high-tech celebrity” iPhone, which resembles a classic twin-bell alarm clock. It works like a cradle via an AC adapter and its mini vers... (read more)


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The Hottest Smartphones

This year is a special one — almost every week a new phone comes out. Thus, we have a great variety to choose from. So, let me provide you with a list of the hottest ones.

1. iPhone 5

Advantages: a larger screen, more powerful processor, better camera and the ability to run on faster 4G LTE wireless networks.

2. Samsung Galaxy S III

The ma... (read more)