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Overwhelming self-confidence rules

In the fight between the two smartphone heavyweights, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt was blunt today about who he thinks is winning.

„Android is ahead of the iPhone now,“ Schmidt declared to an audience of techies and aspiring entrepreneurs at the LeWeb conference here.

He made his statement to a room bursting at the seams with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and the audience met his words with a moment of silence that implied some skepticism. So Schmidt elaborated on how he was measuring: „unit volume, Ice Cream Sandwich, the price is lower, there are more vendors.“

So… ignorant. By the way, do you know that Jobs' biography has become the best seller on Amazon? D'you still believe Mr. Schmidt? :)


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Bitten Fruit

I find our present really dreadful. This time that's children who make me shudder. Not even the innocent small creatures, but those monsters who think they are right when zombifying them to get even more money. Here is what I'm driving at.

You know, when I was a child, I wanted Father Christmas to ... (read more)


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Let's Not Make It Overbloated

The public reaction to Steve Jobs' death yesterday astonished me, to say the least. In fact, I was taken aback. Since when such deification of talented managers is in the order of the things?

What I mean is that there is absolutely now doubt Job was a visionary who was able to lead an unprecedented... (read more)