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Click and Drag

What things in the world marketing specialists have to think of to stand out in the crowd on the market? Wrangler Company — a famous clothes brand, decided to present a new on-line collection in an original way. As opposed to the market specialists’ intentions, I had no notice of the actually advert... (read more)


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Singing toilets

How to jazz an unpleasant part of the festival? There is an idea! For example, to make colorful musical port-o-lets, which play various music when they are occupied.

That was the way the managers of one Argentinian festival decided to surprise its visitors by making the potties a place of interest.... (read more)


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Can mirrors talk?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are welcome to the next generation of shopping with the assistance of interactive mirrors!

Imagine you enter your favorite store and immediately choose your product from the catalog that meets you at the interactive storefront. Imagine that you no longer need to try o... (read more)