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Yahoo Ending Service for Writing a Last Letter

A rather new and unusual service, Yahoo Ending, has been launched in Japan. It allows its users' information to be spread or deleted after his/her death. The browser history, personal data can be erased from all the social networks, or, in contrary, the subscriber can set the system to send vale... (read more)


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Poland Rules!

Internet is a really fabulous thing: the longer it exists the cheaper and easier it makes our life. The media market has been so drastically changed by the Web that the consequences are yet to be evaluated, as it is really hard if not impossible to embrace the whole range of processes Internet calls... (read more)


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Russians prefer Internet

A survey has shown that more people in Russia spend their time on the Internet rather than in watching traditional TV channels.

The trend has helped web portals to lead the Russian media market, local media reported.

According to the survey by a market research company TNS, Russian internet sea... (read more)


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To protect your child on the Internet

The more my child grows, the more I have to concern about his safety while being online. Like any normal parent, I get a bit anxious about this issue, especially when considering the fact whether laws can prevent children from viewing explicit material or not. We can't be sure that this is possibl... (read more)


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Salam World!

Unless you're living in a hut somewhere deep in forests, afar from the corrupting influence of civilization, you must be having at least one Muslim friend or acquaintance. The odds are, you're actually having more than one; the numbers of Muslims living in the Western countries has been constantly... (read more)


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Keep in mind if going to Iran

If you're going on a trip to Iran, keep in mind that its access to email services can be limited. That has a lot to do with users of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. By the way, Facebook and Twitter could also be blocked. What for? Iran's politics towards national authenticity makes me ill. So, please, reason it ou... (read more)


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Learn and enjoy

Here it is, Saint Valentine's Day. My greetings! But the topic I'd like to discuss is another one.

I'm an Internet-user. If you're reading this message via the Internet, you're a surfer, as well. To be honest, in our IT world it's difficult to find a person who is not. To distinguish us, I've devel... (read more)


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British are c**ts, Google, you say?

Ammy Winehouse

Apparently, Google is now swearing at our young offsprings and they are glad to exploit this bug feature as much as they can while it lasts. Last December when searching to „define: British person“, Google would return that those islanders are all c**ts. This wasn't entirely Google's fault since thei... (read more)


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Momentous figures

Trumpet fanfare! The grand event occurs: there are 555 million websites in the World Wide Web now. It's nearly twice as many in comparison with the last year's results. The tendency is clear, isn't it?

By the way, do you know that the whole Earth population is immensely huge? To be precise, it's 6.... (read more)