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Twitter Created a Music App

The application is, unfortunately, available only for iPhone users via Apple's iTunes App Store and for Google. Although Android users shouldn't feel excluded, as soon the app will be ready for this platform as well.

So, Twitter's new app will help users find music according to artists and bands... (read more)


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Music Evolution Told in 4 Minutes

The Way The Music Has Evolved

Have you ever noticed that each epoch has its own technology, life peculiarities, music and possibilities. The melodies reflect our lifestyle and, thus, the amount of electronic music we face today can be counted as a marker of the digital era we live in. Even though the video I was impressed by... (read more)


Blog by Alexa  → 

Singing toilets

How to jazz an unpleasant part of the festival? There is an idea! For example, to make colorful musical port-o-lets, which play various music when they are occupied.

That was the way the managers of one Argentinian festival decided to surprise its visitors by making the potties a place of interest.... (read more)


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Upgrade Your Shower

The Upgrade for the Shower

Do you like singing in shower? If you do, you'll like this invention: a speaker that is installed into your shower and works for seven hours without any wires. It connects to your device or radio via bluetooth and you can enjoy your favorite radio stations or music in shower.

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Would you dare try it... (read more)