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Innocence of Ruskies

Well, okay, Muslims protesting against Innocence of Muslims are okay: it is their right to publicly express their begative opinion about the film.

Killing four Americans is not okay: no one, all Muslims inclusive, has the right to kill innocent people who didn't have anything in common with produ... (read more)


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A Political Truth Finding App

The Truth Finding App

The two former MIT Media Lab students, Dan Siegel and Jennifer Hollett, with the help of the Knight Foundation created a nice application that can check the truthfulness of political adds and of accusations in them. It is called Super PAC App.

The idea is close to those multi-media tagging a... (read more)


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Lots Of Love

The facepalm is one of those gestures that feel appropriate when it comes to politics. When it comes to the British politics, the facepalm start feeling even more appropriate. And when I heard about David Cameron's goof, I really risked breaking my own nose with my hand rapidly approaching my face... (read more)