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The New Digg Is a Mess (RANT)

When I first saw the new Dig design, I got totally enthusiastic. It look so fresher and sleeker than that previous poor cr*p that I was literally clapping my hand in anticipation of how majestically it would be to use the new site. And then I realised that the new design is actually nothing but a ... (read more)


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The Elder Scrolls: Game Over

They've ruined it. They've tried and ruined it. A whole year before the release, I know that they've totally ruined it, they've failed, they've left themselves not a single goddamn chance. They've killed The Elder Scrolls.

If you don't understand what I'm driving at, you must not have heard yet a... (read more)


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Fed Up with iPad

'I've just lost the touch with the things,' I though when I read about Jason Kincaid legging it from TechCrunch. Not that I liked his writing style very much, but the guy really did stand out among the humongous horde of IT-journalists that is feeding on the enormous Sylicon Valley profits. The stuff he writes is someti... (read more)