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Buddy Can Become Your Best Friend

The Blue Frog Robotics company is creating a new robot – Buddy. This small mechanic helper is impressively interactive and can look after your house, your kids, advise recipes, remind of important meetings, control the lights and other connected devices.

Buddy has 16 Gb of integrated memory, Wi... (read more)


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A New Japanese Hotel Managed by Robots


A Henn-na Hotel (read 'Strange Hotel') in Nagasaki, Japan opens its doors in July, 2015. The staff will be presented as 10 androids (robots, designed to look and act like a human), 3 of which are multilingual gynoids (androids that have female appearance). The developer Kokoro company calls them... (read more)


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PancakeBot: print yourself a pancake!

If you like not only eating pancakes, but also the process of cooking, then you will be interested in this new device, PancakeBot. It represents itself a hand-made printer with an open source code and the user's guide that can be easily downloaded from the Internet. The construction consists of an... (read more)


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Could a lifeguard be replaced by robots?

Frankly, I have been keen on robots since my childhood. When I was 6 years old my parents bought me my first toy robot which I didn't want to leave for a minute. Lately, I used to read all the stories about robots available in our family library again and again for many times; „Robbie“ by Asimov w... (read more)