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Next Generation Sony Xperia C4 Selfie-Smartphone

Sony launches its novelties — “selfie smartphones” Xperia™ C4 and Xperia C4 Dual. Now you can not only take high-quality 13 MP pictures but also superimpose faces of different people. The front camera if for superb 5MP photos. There is a function of 'stylized' scenes to place your PRO selfies in... (read more)


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1,151 Selfie Fans Squeezed in One Picture

The selfie popularity is inexplicable but its furious success is obvious. That's why smartphones and tablets developers support and develop front-facing camera feature releasing respective devices.

The Microsoft company decided to go forward in this sphere and praised its Nokia Lumia 730. The ... (read more)


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Sony Getting Glamorous

The idea of a 'selfie-phone' seems rather ridiculous to me, so I don't even know what to say regarding the upcoming Sony product. They decided to release not only one more model for self-snapping, but even in the form of the bottle of perfume. Meh, it looks way too glamorous, but for sure it will ... (read more)