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The First Smartphone with Liquid Cooling

If you can admit you're a real smartphone nerd, you're most likely to have your smart device feel too hot quite often. Then, a liquid-cooling system is what will definitely stand you in good stead.

While we used to hear only about cooling systems for computers, having one inside a phone seems ... (read more)


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Mobiles outnumber people?!

Did you know that mobiles outnumber people? Just imagine that iPhone sales outpace births?Fancy that more people own a mobile then own a toothbrush! Some people do not practice proper hygiene but a mobile is a must have for them. It means that iPhone sales also outpace toothbrush sales=)

Check out ... (read more)


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Micro Lytro

The Lytro for Your Mobile

Do you remember the Lytro camera? Well, if you don't, I'll tell you a couple of words about it. The camera takes several almost simultaneous shots and merges them into one photo. As a result you can choose the object to focus on later, when the shot is ready. Here you can read more about this device... (read more)


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In the footsteps of Santa

Ho ho ho! Holiday is everywhere! And what a happy mood without Santa!

Google has recently introduced Santa Tracker — a new service where you can see Santa's travel around the world, view the presents Santa has delivered, as well as find out when he is going to get to your country and prepare for meeting with ... (read more)


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Samsung Smartphones with Flexible Displays

Have you ever dreamed of a smartphone with a flexible display? Nevertheless, it might be just the first half of next year when you will have a chance to buy a smartphone with a flexible, bendable, practically unbreakable display.

It is Samsung Display Co., that is increasing its effort in th... (read more)


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A Bamboo Phone

ADzero promised to release a phone made from organic bamboo (yes, bamboo in the literal sense). It has 16 GBs of storage as well as an 8-megapixel camera with a shadow-minimizing feature. It will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 1.4 GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core processor. Frankly, bamboo is bec... (read more)


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Talk to your Smartphone

A well-known gadget, Samsung Galaxy S3, has a rather amusing feature: voice commands. So if you don't want to bother your brains and every time type the password to unlock your smartphone, just make your phone do this itself =)

Set up voice commands for doing things like unlocking the device... (read more)


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New Galaxy on May 3

Samsung is going to present the next Galaxy phone in 16 days in London. The company has already started to send their invites, though they don't contain any particular details about the new smartphone.CNN