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Train your brain

Wandering web I came across to an interesting web service, which I would like to share with you. This is — a web site where you can set your individual program to improve your own brain performance. The overall design of this service looked very attractive, so I decided to try it. Once I've selec... (read more)


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Time Out of Joint

We were not just wrong. We were totally, hopelessly wrong. We failed to properly assess the power of time, the unlimited and uncontrollable might that the inexorable element possesses and emanates.

Okay, enough of that trash talk, I couldn't mimic writing skills even if I wanted to. I'm talking abo... (read more)


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A Million Dollar Homepage

There are lots of tech business ideas that are stillborn from the very beginning. People who fostered them may be hyping them up with unprecedented advertising campaigns, pumping in millions and billions of dollars to no avail. Google+, Ping, Windows Vista: all of them were born dead, and their cr... (read more)